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Posted on: April 11, 2009

Let’s face it: as a graduate student, you may live in one of the most quiet town ever. There is no traffic, no rush hour, but isolation comes with the calm: there is NO shop around. How do you buy clothes?
Start with making a shopping list: what/when/how much, because the type of clothes and the time buying them are both crucial to the price. General rule of bargain hunting applies: be aware of SALES seasons. For students willing to wear second-hand, it also means the end of the school-year: graduating students moving out and wanting to get rid of their stuffs. 
In addition:
  1. Car-owner: ask your neighbors/friends for mall direction. Also look for outlet malls. Outlet malls have slightly less updated collection, but at a much cheaper price than the regular malls. You should also search for the mall directories online for a sense of direction at the actual site.Another option, if you are willing to wear second-hand clothes, are consignment stores or vintage shops. Again, ask your local friends for details.
  2. No car: big malls are probably accessible by public transportation; however, online shopping is your best friend. Just be aware of the shipping cost: look for the total cost (price+tax+shipping+handling) instead of the list price. Also check for merchant’s credibility by Googling their names. Now it’s times for online shopping destinations. I think stylebakery compiles the best listing here: http://www.stylebakery.com/sweetsites/

    Some inexpensive clothes lines: Forever 21, H&M, Target, Walmart.

NOTE: Always search for coupons and deals before buying. Deals websites: 
Happy shopping!

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